Tuning / Remapping

Specialist in tuning and remapping engine ecu and gearbox tcu software. We are authorised main dealers for Apr tuning, Oem plus racing line, Race Chips and Celtic Tuning. We offer packages from stage 1 to stage 3+ conversions.

We are located in Newport South Wales, covering from Cardiff, Bristol and South West area.

We provide a range of tuning packages from our well-known manufacturers, ranging from hardware modifications to software advancements for the engine and gearbox. From stage 1 to stage 3 solutions are available from us.

We are authorised dealers of Celtic Tuning, OEM + Racingline, Apr Tuning, and Racechips.

We can offer Racing Line products from air intake to stage 3 turbo kits.
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We can offer Ecu and Tcu software for most vag group models. From stage 1 to stage 3.
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Access your car’s power reserves. RaceChip tuning doesn’t simply turn everything to the max – it optimises intelligently within your engine’s design limits.
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